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Aplikasi Perpustakaan Elektronik (APE)

the result of thinking saw the importance of a library as a venue and facilities in developing the potential of people of all walks of life, but often these libraries are not supported by a good management system.

APE Features :

Developed using the operating system with capable technology
Supporting the use in a computer network without limits the number of users that can be prepared PC for school principals, teachers, staff, and students who will check the collection of books in the library


Featuring the administrative planning procurement of new books
The classification of documents dynamically, at least in general library classification system
Master classification of documents that can be tailored to the needs of each school, including setting documents that can be set for each profile can be borrowed documents like / do not, penalties late, and the borrowing constraint
Having access to the classification setting administrators, librarians, leaders, guests and members. Each type of user has different access the menus
The system supports the barcode and can print their own barcode for book
Equipped with function abstraction and visualization picture book
Feature attribute abstraction of documents, books, book locations, ISBN code, etc. that can be added dynamically on each document


Packed with features to provide information on the number of document collections and circulating outside


Equipped also an application that can print library card students


Packed with features to accept the report’s favorite books, books maturity, and the status of titles