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Smart Bee Arabic Interactive is a software designed for the needs of learning Arabic, the drafting team who are experienced in their fields, giving Arabic language learning experience with daily orientation. With the display and easy to use applications, learning Arabic easier and more fun
Smartbee Arabic is an interactive learning program Arabic beginner and advanced level with multimedia (audio-visual) and interactive content packaged in a CD (compact disc) and can be run on a PC or laptop.


  • Easy to understand Arabic grammar for beginners and advanced levels
  • Daily Arabic conversation
  • Exercises to increase the ability of students
  • Readings in Arabic with audio and narration
  • Lecture in Arabic
  • Video clip in Arabic language

Arabic grammar for Beginners and Advanced

Arabic grammar to assist students in learning Arabic from the base. With 30 material grammar for beginners and advanced levels, Smartbee Arabic Interactive provides a detailed explanation of Arabic grammar

Arabic Daily Conversation

Examples of conversations that comes with the vocabulary and audio, assist students in learning daily conversations in Arabic, with 80 kinds of conversations to assist students in getting an idea of the daily conversations in Arabic


Exercises To Increase Students Ability

Exercises to read and recite the Arabic language, with 60 exercises with different difficulty levels for beginners and advanced, Smartbee Arabic Interactive can help train students in the pronunciation of Arabic and make the students can speak Arabic with more fluent.

Arabic Readings with Narrative and Audio

Reading Arabic with the help of Audio to make it easier to read for beginners, with more than 30 readings to give an example of reading for students.


Lectures In Arabic

Lecture / khutbah as a supplement for students to understand Arabic and provide knowledge about religion and moral values

Video Clips in Arabic language

Arabic video, helping students to learn Arabic with adjusted video to provide the knowledge for the students in learning Arabic.