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Exams or quizzes are still using paper?

With SmartBee EDU CBT  you can organize quizzes and exams using a computer, therefore SmartBee EDU CBT no longer use paper as a sheet of questions and answers, because all of the sheets questions and answers already inputted into the computer system. In addition, SmartBee EDU CBT can also be used as a means of daily exercises, quizzes, UAS, UTS and preparations for UAN.

SmartBee EDU CBT Features :

  • MASTER DATA MANAGE: Manageable master data including teachers, students, classes and lessons data.
  • IMPORT DATA CSV: Data import in CSV format allow you to import existing data, with downloaded  template.
  • QUESTION BANK : Hobby of making questions?You can make it easily in the Question Bank feature.
  • MANAGE TEST: Time for students to prepare for the exam by doing the exercises created by teachers. You can also create a wide variety of questions with pictures.
  • MANAGE SUB MATERIALS: You can categorize the material of the subjects that have been made previously.
  • ASSIGNMENTS, QUIZ, TRY OUT UTS / UAS, TRY OUT UAN: Able to measure students’ skills in preparing for the exam by doing the exercises.

Advantages of SmartBee EDU CBT

Has 3 login access (Administrator, Teacher, and Student).

Students can directly access the questions given by the teacher, if the time has come.

There is a list of active users which will arise according to the intensity of the logged in user

Save paper and other stationery, because everything is stored in the computer system.

You can see the test results directly in the form of reports.

After the exam is over, students can access the answers and discuss it.

Using License Management as an application security system where the number of students who access restricted according to the number of licenses.

How To Implement Smartbee EDU CBT :


  • With the Wireless connection, implementation of SmartBee EDU CBT  in schools will be connected with a wide coverage and flexible because it is not only accessible in the classroom, you can also access in the teacher’s room, meeting rooms, etc.


  • With Network Cable connection, implementation of SmartBee EDU CBT in schools will increase in terms of performance / stability of the network and higher bandwidth and faster.