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Manajemen Informasi Berbasis Sekolah (MIBS)

Present as the Integrated Administration solution that aims to facilitate the school in terms of managing the school management, which includes the Academic Management, Finance, Library integrated.

Multi Flatform

Can run on Windows and Linux operating system

Unlimited Number of Users

Supporting the use in computer network an unlimited number of users so that the PC can be prepared for Principals, Teachers, Students, Employees


Access has a different classification

Having access to the classification administrator settings, administrators, principals, teachers, students, parents, librarians, treasurer. Each type of user has different access the menus


Admission Features

  • Simplify and accelerate the process of new student enrollment, new student enrollment data will be easier because they can use the facilities imported from excel.
  • Implementation exam is set as completely as possible from the start scheduling the exam, exam activities including the exam room, the determination of the seating rows and columns how to prospective students / examinees .
  • There is a recapitulation of test scores from prospective students who display the results of the test so that it can be determined to pass or not, and then proceed with the finalization.

Staffing Features

  • Easier to enter the data of employees in the facilities imported from excel files.
  • Employee data be as complete as possible with the data type, position and rank, but it also provided historical data for riding classes, positions and ranks were supplemented by data number and the date of the decision, even data until the employee retired.

Student Features

  • More easily enter data with their students excel file import facility
  • There are data subjects including local content
  • Complete with a timetable and schedule setting hours teachers teach
  • Extracurricular equipped with a schedule and a list of extracurricular taken by students from extracurricular activities

Ratings Features

Includes ratings for all subjects including UN subjects, grades and recapitulation ranking. The assessment report also provided in graphical form for easier analysis assessment.

Forum Features and News

To facilitate communication, MIBS add features and news forum, within the forum features both students, teachers or employees can create topics or threads that can be discussed. In a news feature users can make school-related news or other news.

Academic management

  • Curriculum
  • Student
  • Academic Year
  • Data subjects
  • Student Teaching Program
  • Slot KBM
  • Grade promotion
  • Finalization
  • Class Data
  • Attendance
  • Assessment
  • Graduation

Financial Management

  • Books Taxes
  • Bank account book
  • General book
  • BOS

Library management

  • Administrative planning procurement of new books
  • The classification of documents dynamically
  • Master classification of documents that can be tailored to the needs of each school
  • Supports barcode for book
  • Abstraction and visualization picture of book
  • Feature attributes of the document
  • Collection of documents and information on the number of outstanding
  • Print library card students
  • Favorite book reports, books maturity, and the status of titles