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Stop buying expensive OMR form

Use form your own design, surveys and other forms of plain paper OMR..

No more need to use a special device

Use an image scanner or multi-function device to scan your form.

Switch your special pencil

Students can fill out a form with pens, pencils, markers, etc …

Further assessment and selection of test report

Student reports, demographic comparison reports, standards-based achievement, answer keys and more.

Advanced reports and statistical surveys

Statistical surveys and analysis reports figures, comparative demographics, screening and automated reporting, and more.

Ekspor data dan statistik
  • Dengan mudah ekspor data mentah ke lebih dari 35 format yang berbeda termasuk SPSS, Excel, Access.
  • Ekspor laporan dalam bentuk PDF atau HTML.
  • Ekspor nilai tes ke berbagai buku nilai atau sistem manajemen siswa.
Remark users are everywhere
  • Educational institutions (universities, schools, and educational consultant)
  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Small business
  • Government
  • Market Researcher
  • Health organization
  • Organizations, non-profit

A Windows based software package for processing the survey forms and tests. The software can recognize the optical mark (bubbles and checkboxes), computer-generated characters (OCR) and barcode. You can design your own forms using any word processor and print it on your printer. Then use Remark Office OMR to scan and recognize the data with your image scanner, the software will analyze the data or export data to an application of your choice! Easy as that!