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Interactive digital media-based communications to share information within the school environment. With the Mading Interactive expected to foster interest in reading and enhance student creativity in digital form.

Traditional Mading VS Mading Interactive

Traditional Mading
  • Manually Creation (with paper, scissors, glue, etc.)
  • Using ordinary paper and origame paper
Mading Interactive
  • Digital Creation (graphic design, create 3D content, etc.)
  • Go Green
5 selection of themes for national holidays (Eidul Fitri,

Independence Day of Indonesia, Eidul Adha, New Year

and Christmas) and 3 themes selection standard

Three 3D

Animation Characters

(KOko MOna DOminggo)

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Including activity reports,

In the form of lines,

Bar charts, pie charts etc.

Information is not only delivered in

The form of drawings and writings

but can be delivered in the form of a video playlist



For security systems

Others Features :

  • Content Filtering feature to filter users uploaded content.
  • Consists of Articles, Salam editor, Short Stories, Tips n Trick, Comics, Pantun / Poetry, Opinion, Quotes, Video, News & Info.
  • Various ideas and student’s creativity or teachers manifested in the content, can be uploaded without limits.
  • In the classrooms, teacher’s room or at rest, student or teacher can upload content from a laptop or gadget respectively.