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Software-based learning KTSP 2006 for elementary, junior high, and high school. Contains material which is packaged in an attractive animation to give a new learning environment for students. Equipped with features – features that are useful for teachers to provide lesson material.


  • The subject matter complemented with pictures and animations and narration – narration that allows the students to learn
  • Quiz for training for students
  • Complete material for elementary, junior high, and high school

KNT Interactive High School

  • Animations and images according to subject matter, providing an overview of the material being discussed with interesting and easily understood
  • 9 subjects with the matter in accordance with KTSP 2006
  • Equipped with a quiz to exercise for the student

Interactive KNT SMP

  • Animations and images in any subject matter that can increase the interest in learning and increase knowledge in a more modern ways
  • 7 subjects on the basis of KTSP 2006 and has been adjusted.
  • equipped with exercises to train the students’ knowledge.

Interactive KNT SD

  • Animations and images that appeal to students, with a picture suitable for children – elementary school children. With pictures and colorful animation, attract the attention of the child – the child’s learning more enjoyable.
  • Subjects that are equipped with the materials that have been adapted with KTSP 2006.
  • Equipped exercises to test the student’s knowledge of the material presented.