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Lessons for Life -English language learning program with the full involvement that caters to all individual learning styles. The interface is user-friendly and navigation is simple, intuitive and clearly the Lessons for Life – English an enjoyable and rewarding experience..

The perfect combination of technology and learning..

Complete Set with Audio Mate (Full Edition)

  • Support Indonesian Languange
  • Absolutely Comprehensive: Includes all skills
  • Fill-based curriculum that is recognized internationally
  • Standard American English accent (American English)
  • Consideration individual learning styles
  • User-friendly interface with simple navigation, intuitive and clear in English
  • 4 language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Interactive activity
  • Audio clips with written text support
  • Topic-based lessons
  • Practical everyday conversation
  • Animated figures in a real situation
  • Ability to watch, listen and stop conversations and voice anytime
  • Pronunciation exercises, formation and use of all the main points of grammar
  • Help reference grammar
  • The setting and the page of instructions that explain how the grammar
  • Interactive Games to help you improve memory, grammar and spelling skills
  • AudioMate with MP3 format

Full Edition Lessons For Life 2016 :

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced level
  • Practical English Grammar – Part 1
  • Practical English Grammar – Part 2
  • Practical English Conversation
  • Interactive Games English
  • Audio Mate – Beginner
  • Audio Mate – Intermediate
  • Audio – Next Level


This software package consists of:

  • English Course
  • Practical English Grammar
  • Practical English Conversations
  • Interactive English Games
  • Audio Mate