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In the digital era, as now teachers are faced with the challenge and opportunity to use technology in teaching and learning. With the advance in technology such as the internet, email and game, will make students difficult to concentrate in learning.

Lanschool Classroom Management is a classroom management solution that can minimize the disruption experienced by teachers in the learning process so that it becomes more effective

Features :

  • Quickly display the student screen in the form of thumbnails from a distance and make sure students focus on a given task.
  • Use the chat feature both audio and messaging to communicate and help students with their assignments either individually or in groups.
  • See the entire class from devices with OS: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Other features such as Snapshoot Screen, Internet History and Keystroke, help monitor student computer activity.
  • Teach more effectively with sharing teacher screen function to the entire class.
  • Showing the work of students by selecting one student’s screen to displayed to other students.
  • Use the remote control to assist students more quickly with direct access student computers remotely.
  • Blank Screen feature can bring back the focus student attention to the front of the class.
  • Restrict access to certain websites and applications to make students focus on a given task.
  • Simply sending and receiving task file quickly and orderly.
  • Use fast response feature with the function of voting / polling to take the opinion of the students.
  • Use Assesment Mode for conducting tests with results in real time thus simplifying IT administrative and processes.
  • Eliminating USB function, CD Rom and Printers on student computers so that more effective in understanding the lesson.
  • Efficiently manage and play video learning materials.