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In this modern era, have you ever imagine when read a book and wonder how it looks in real? or tired of reading E-book with the unattractive content and only contain writings? Authoring tools can make it happen! with technology, this will create your book more interactive and look more realistic to be read.

Authoring tools specifically created as a means of creativity and container to pour all the aspirations and make you as the author of a book or to help you make a report, suitable for school or office.

Features in Authoring Tools :

Private Library

Having trouble in organizing your book? Authoring Tools comes with a library of large-capacity storage for storing E-book of your work in one place, with the search menu to help you find favorite books.

User Friendly

Create your own creation with no worries, making it easier with the content editor is simple and easy to use, has included Clip Art, Shapes and Diagrams. freely without limitation page that is used in the manufacture of interactive E-book content. The results of your work can be downloaded with the PDF format and can be shared


Unlimited Users

This solution supports usage based in Server – Client with an unlimited number of users. Authoring tools can be accessed and used without internet network, only need a local network.


Insert Multimedia

Want to make your work more vivid and attractive? Bored with books of which only a written word without a multimedia? now you can add media files such as pictures, video, and audio on the content of your e-book. Multimedia can help a better understanding of the content