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Chromebook is a computer device that is supported by the Chrome OS operating system developed by the technology Titan :  Google.


Our History


Be more Professional

Move to the new office to become a more professional company and integrated in the education sector in Indonesia.

Focus on Education Sector

In 2009 we decided to focus on the education sector, in order to build the quality of education in Indonesia

Since February 15, 2008

Established since February 15, 2008, we started business in the field of information technology software distribution with markets around Indonesia




Melti Pontoh SAg.
very interesting application, can’t wait for the next update.
Melti Pontoh SAg.- Kepala Sekolah SMPN 2 Bolangitang Timur
Sri Wahyuningsih
Interesting programs, very detail explanation from the trainer
Sri Wahyuningsih- Operator SDN 29 Cubadak Kab. Tanah Datar
Kastubi, S.Pd.
This application is very helpful in the learning process. Outstanding – Elementary School Learning Software.
Kastubi, S.Pd.- Kepala SDN 2 Lubuk Seberuk
Meitini, S.Pd.
Beautiful trainer – Training Elementary School Learning Software, Trainer : Theresia Wuisang.
Meitini, S.Pd.- Kepala SDN 3 KAG, OKI
Sri Suyatmi, S.Pd.
Cool app – Elementary School Learning Software.
Sri Suyatmi, S.Pd.- Kepala SDN 1 Kemang Indah
Nurmayety, S.Pd.
Pleased and Satisfy – Training Elementary School Learning Software,Trainer : Dwi Subekti
Nurmayety, S.Pd.- Kepala SDN 16 Bengkulu Selatan
Muhsinin, S.Pd.
This product is very good and useful for education progress in Indonesia in general and our schools in particular – Elementary School Learning Software.
Muhsinin, S.Pd.- Kepala SDN 46 Bengkulu Selatan
Irawan, S.Pd.
This product is very useful for our elementary school, because we are the primary core at the center of the implementation of KKG and KKKS – Elementary School Learning Software.
Irawan, S.Pd.- Kepala SDN 27 Bengkulu Selatan
Iin Srilina
With this application training, we so easily in the input data at our school – Elementary School Learning Software.
Iin Srilina- Guru SDN 142 Seluma
Desti Sasnarita, S.Pd.
With this application training, we have become more easy / obvious about learning, and will be implemented in schools – Elementary School Learning Software.
Desti Sasnarita, S.Pd.- Guru SDN 105 Seluma
Drs. Hamka
Smart Bee Edu CBT is great software, because it can help students prepare for the the online test.
Drs. Hamka- Guru SMA Negeri 3 Polewali Mandar
Rusdin S.Sos.
Smart Bee learning software is great, easy and quick to understand because it is equipped with interesting content
Rusdin S.Sos.- Guru SMA Negeri 1 Pasangkayu
Andi Rumpang
Smart Bee learning software will make our school growing and became the first school-IT based
Andi Rumpang- Guru TIK SMA Negeri 1 Budong-Budong
Nendry Susilo
In the era of globalization is urgently needed at all learning software like this because of the students are very familiar with all the current program and very good, please continues to be developed for this program.
Nendry Susilo- Guru SMKN 7 Batam
Suriyati Husain
very interesting display, very interesting and detail explanation from the trainer
Suriyati Husain- Guru SMPN 1 Bulukumba
Dewa Ayu Vera Afsari Dewi
Children attracting programs, increasing students interest, hoping will be more program like this in the future
Dewa Ayu Vera Afsari Dewi- SDN 01 Bungbungan Kab. Klungkung
Betty Rahmawati, S.Pd.
This product is very nice and helpful and very useful for us, made us more excited to teach – Remark Office Aplication.
Betty Rahmawati, S.Pd.- Guru SMA Pelita Nusantara Tanjung Pinang
Drs. Said Haikal
The device is very nice and helpful, especially in the learning process at this time – Remark Office Application.
Drs. Said Haikal- Guru SMKN 3 Tanjung Pinang
Basmawaty, S.Pd.I.
With the help of these laptops, we as teachers are very helpful / useful in school – Elementary School Learning Software.
Basmawaty, S.Pd.I.- Guru SDN 22 Soreang
Surinaty, S.Pd.
With the help of these laptops we as teachers, especially in elementary school is very useful / helpful in giving a lesson – Elementary School Learning Software.
Surinaty, S.Pd.- Guru SDN 22 Soreang
These products are very helpful in the process of teaching and learning activities in schools, allows students and teachers to understand the lessons to be achieved – Elementary School Learning Software.
Sukendy- Operator SDN 2 Teluk Betung
Bakiah, S.Pd.
Attractive and beautiful tutor – Training Elementary School Learning Software, Trainer : Theresia Wuisang.
Bakiah, S.Pd.- Kepala SDN 5 Kayu Agung OKI
Ira Nurmala
Beautiful tutor – Training Elementary School Learning Software, Trainer : Theresia Wuisang.
Ira Nurmala- Operator SDN 1 Surya Adi
Iri Isnaini, S.Pd.
Nice and very interesting – Elementary School Learning Software.
Iri Isnaini, S.Pd.- Guru SDN NO 13 Bengkulu Selatan
Pirman, S.Pd.
Good quality products.Certified on Windows.Application supports teacher performance – Elementary School Learning Software.
Pirman, S.Pd.- Kepala SDN 107 Bengkulu Selatan
Fetriansyah, S.Pd.
Helpful enough the work of teachers in the classroom and in the administration of learning in schools – Elementary School Learning Software.
Fetriansyah, S.Pd.- Operator SDN 82 Bengkulu Selatan
Dodi Warto, S.Kom.
Application is simple, easy to understand but very helpful in interactive learning. Hopefully this app can encourage children to learn – Elementary School Learning Software
Dodi Warto, S.Kom.- Operator Sekolah SDN 69 Seluma
Dra. Hisla Oha
Applications/products are very attractive to schools and teachers – Elementary School Learning Software.
Dra. Hisla Oha- Guru SDN 61 Seluma
A. Indarwayah, S.Pd.
KNT interactive software greatly support the development of science and technology to improve the quality of education thus achieving good results.
A. Indarwayah, S.Pd.- Guru SDn No. 53 Lattekko Bone
Sukmawati, S.Pd.
Interactive learning application is great, because it is accompanied by training so increase knowledge and skills of teachers to use instructional media.
Sukmawati, S.Pd.- Guru SD Negeri 24 Macanang
Risna Erawati, S.Pd.
Interactive learning application is great and very interesting to apply to the students
Risna Erawati, S.Pd.- Guru SD INP. 10/73 Ulaweng Cinnong
Mohammad Habibullah
Its products have been good as learning support – Remark Office Application.
Mohammad Habibullah- Guru SMAN 2 Bintan
Linda Maryani, S.Pd.
The product is great and interesting as learning support – Remark Office Application
Linda Maryani, S.Pd.- Guru SMAN 8 Bintan
Rika Komala Sari
It is interesting to learn to use the application in the le.arning process – Remark Office Application.
Rika Komala Sari- Guru SMAN 3 Bintan
Mohd. Habibullah
This application makes learning more interesting to be followed so that students are not bored and tired to follow the lessons – Remark Office Application.
Mohd. Habibullah- Staff Kurikulum SMAN 2 Bintan

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